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Filing A Complaint • Poverenik za zaštitu ravnopravnosti

Filing A Complaint

A complaint may be filed by:

  • every natural person, legal entity or a group of persons that deem they were discriminated against,
  • organizations dealing with human rights protection and other persons, on behalf and with approval of the person who has suffered discrimination,
  • in case that a group of persons has suffered discrimination, an organization dealing with human rights protection may file a complaint on its own behalf, without the approval of persons who have allegedly suffered discrimination

A complaint should be submitted in the written form. It may also be submitted by fax or e-mail, by means of a scanned and signed submission, or orally on the record, without paying any taxes or other fees.

A complaint should contain the following data:

  • discrimination victim – who was discriminated against,
  • discriminator – by whom they were discriminated against,
  • description of the discrimination act,
  • evidence pertaining to the discrimination act that the victim has suffered (documents, witnesses, etc.)

A complaint must be signed.



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